super simple build services for docker container images

Over the course of the past three days I build many dozens of containers. I have not been using any container build service like OSBS for that. Finally, I got tired of checking for the correct docker build command in my history and implemented the super simple build service – ssbs.

It consists of two parts:

  • a LABEL within the Dockerfile and
  • a shell alias


I have put LABEL Build docker build --rm --tag goern/wordpress-centos7-atomicapp . in my docker file. And this shell alias to evaluate it alias docker-build='$(grep LABEL Dockerfile | grep Build | cut -d " " -f 3- )'.

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Asciinurse and live reloads

Hi there,

I have updated Asciinurse, she now provides support for LiveReload. This will automatically reload your browser windows whenever she has converted your Asciidoc into HTML5. To implement this, the Asciinurse docker container exposes port 35729/tcp. Additionally you need to enable the livereload plugin for your browser.

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You really should use Asciidoc errm Asciinurse!

While working on some OpenShift on Atomic Host for the past weeks I have produced some documentation. Within the Systems Engineering team (on twitter or Facebook) we have several alternatives to document our work: LibreOffice, the internal wiki, Asciidoc. I have chosen the latter: for ease of use and compatibility: the templates we use generate the same PDF output as libreoffice does!

But I am one of those ‘write a little and look at the design/layout’ guys, so I was tiered of processing Asciidoc over and over again. And as I am a container guy. What’s the natural solution?

Set up a service container that picks up my Asciidoc changes and transforms them to HTML5!

Let  me introduce to you: the Asciinurse!  She is exactly that service container running in to background delivering a continous transformation from Asciidoc to HTML5. Once her shift starts, she keeps on taking care.

For a more detained description please have a look at

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