Dashboard opening up wider?!

After doing several hours of deepseadiving and looking into Dashbaord I get a clue how it works internaly. A few days after that, I read about pubsub.com at ralphm’s blog. To me it sounds like a concept relative simular to Dashboard. And as a great friend of jabber I thought about reimplementing or extending dashboard using “jabber technologies”.

So I browsed thru jabber.org and found the following Jabber Enhancment Proposals:

  • JEP-0071 – XHTML Instant Messaging
  • [JEP-0060][2] – Publish Subscribe

This two JEPs lead me to the idea, that Dashboard could be restructured two be:

  • A XHTML Instant Messaging (Jabber) client
  • and the user receives messages from a jabber bot, because he is subscribed to a special node
  • which itself queries the backends
  • after the node received a query from the client

Actually, this lifts the idea of Dasbboard somehow away from the desktop, but on the other hand enables us to communicate with data sources off site, which is also possible with Dashboard backends using http… So, what is the advantage of having this jabber based implementation of “implicite queries”?

It may deliver information from foreign sources, service providers could provide backends. The information may be more up to date, because changes of freign information are pushed to all subscribers (the backend).

The concept needs investigation at all!

[2]: http://www.jabber.org/jeps/jep-0060.html