Apple Airport Express and Linksys WRTG54G

Firmware for Linksys (unsupported): Satori-4.0 v2.07.1.7sv [Download here][1]

Settings on Linksys:

  • Wireless->Basic Settings -> Channel 1
  • Wireless-> Security -> WEP -> 128 bits encryption
  • Wireless-> WDS -> LAN -> Add your AE MAC, disable LAZY WDS, no Subnet
  • Security-> Firewall disable, Block anonymous requests: uncheck
  • Administration -> Management -> Loopback: uncheck Settings for Airport Express

Forget the wizzard… did not worked for me, use airport administration utility.

If something goes wrong reset to factory defaults (power off, press reset button, power on and wait ~20 seconds until the green light blinks 4 times)

  • Create new wireless network, use the same name and channel (1) like your linksys network
  • Internet tab->select connect using WDS; add linksys mac address; check “allow wireless clients; assign static IP in the same subnet, set gateway to linksys IP
  • Network tab-> uncheck distribute internet adress
  • WDS tab -> enable this station as relay; allow wireless clients; add linksys mac adress This worked for me… Now I can play music and print wireless..