extended jabber presence – including detection

This is another idea seeking for some implementation – Having the idea of the desktop daemon in mind… why not enable the clients to update the presence information of a jabber user by themselve? I will work like this:

  • there is some kind of presence/location sensing network, this will determin where in my home/office/campus/… I am
  • my presence/location information is published at some local pubsub service
  • my client (gabber, Adium, gossip, …) has a plugin which is subscribed to that node, heance receiving my presence/location update
  • the client’s plugin determines rule-based if it should set my JID’s presence according to the update it just received

The “location sensing network” could be a [Sensor Network][2] like bluetooth enabled campuswide kind of thing or some cameras and a good piece of software doing image recognition, or some other thing which automagically detects where I am.

[2]: http://b4mad.net/datenbrei/index.php?p=43