MeNow via Jabber PubSub – it’s shaping up…

Ok, first try to get a Jabber PubSub thingy together using python/twisted; first try to get a MacOSX application done using PyObjC/Growl; did I say that this is my first shot at parsing MeNow/RDF with python?

And here is the status:

  • I have some Python code communication with the pubsub component at, it creates new nodes, subscribes to existing nodes…
  • the desktop application subscribes to generic/B4mad/mood/goern to listen for MeNow updates published there
  • the desktop application pops up new notifications as soon as it receives updates
  • and I have a some test program to send updates

But where is the code you are talking about? Ahm, not yet released, just drop me a line if you are interested. Especialy the Mac users!! :)

coded using: Krieg from the album “Und Lautlos Fliegt Der Kopf Weg ” by [Ben Becker][6]