What we are missing in Jabber

In some parts of this blog I will reference to Julian’s Jabber Vision.

As I go along with julian’s paradigm of “implement something and if it works publish it” I’ve done my pubsub experiments. The hardest part for me as a non-programmer was to get the application talk to the pub/sub service. I use python, so there is no library that contains JEP-0060 support at all.

Publication/subscription service

In addition to the server PubSub Components we need some projects focusing on implementing the client side library, for Python or C# or both. I’ve done parts of this, but I think they are to crappy to make it into public. ralphm told me that maybe he is going to make a Python library for JEP-0060. We must support him!


On another frontier I have tried to get client to client GPG encryption working; macosx to macosx and macosx to linux. I used Fire.app and Psi on macosx and Gabber and Psi on Linux. All of the clients are not very interoperable, only Psi/macosx to Psi/Linux works which encryption and signing. Why is that? I understand that there is JEP-0027 and JEP-0116, both are kind of outdated, because there is [RFC3923][8], which is not implemented by and client.

Move things forward

I guess there is some kind of “moving things forward masterplan”… but where is it? May I read it?

[8]: http://www.xmpp.org/specs/rfc3923.html