Comments on and refrences from a MP3 file

How to comment on a MP3 or how to reference a file on the web from a MP3, and maybe while playing back that MP3 using a mediaplayer to display the linked information.

Listening to Adam Curry‘s lates Daily Source Code (rss) I found a audio comment by Koan Bremner talking about the interlinkage of [OPML][5] and MP3 (via id3 tags). Maybe the thing I tried to outline early on the blog is exactly one of this applications the podcasters are looking for. Podcasting is very much like having a (partly) offline multi media (mp3, mail, html, opml) conversation or discussing an idea and making annotations to that idea as MP3 file. So, it’s not just about linkage from a MP3 to a OPML and vice versa but also about timely correct linkage. What is also needed is a fancy GUI editor to attach the audio comment to the right position of the MP3 one is annotating. After that, there needs to be a publishing mechanism including a trackback/pingback to the URL of the initial MP3 file.

So there needs to be some evaluation on the technologies like OPML, RSS 1.0, MP3 ID3 tags and trackbacks and the opportunities to link them together. In addition to that I will try to pin down a concept for that editor the annotating user could use and the publishing mechanism. And I will have a close look at Adam’s blog, maybe there are some interessting things going on too.

unter’m Strich: MP3 file containing ID3 tags with html:a to a URL of an OPML file which also contains RDF stuff (RSS 1.0) with enclosures pointing to some URL of other MP3 files