pod we cast?!

So what is podcasting about? Downloading mp3 file discovered by looking for enclosures in a RSS feed. And it is about regaining control over broadcast (kind of) radio, which is basically a philosophical point.

In general, podcasting is a very convenient way to consume information. aggregation technology for RSS feeds is good and downloading applications such as iPodder help getting all podcasts together.

From my point of view the most time consuming task ist listening… you need to invest 45min if your podcast is 45min (maybe 35min…). So called shownotes help finding stuff that is most interessting, thus having good show notes is a good tool to deliver a high service level to the consumers of podcasts. From my point of view this is a good example: [screenshot][3]. Topics are very easy to identify and have a time index so it’s easy to jump directly to the topic of my personal interesst.

more to come…

[3]: http://b4mad.net/datenbrei/photos.php?album=65631&photo=2613952