I can do trips, visualize me!

After fiddeling arround with the items in the Travel Category I have finally a RDF representation (still as a RSS 1.0 feed) of a trip from London to Cologne. Ok, the final photo of Cologne Airport is missing…

If you take a look at [the feed itself][2] it contains all data that are required to reconstruct the trip: geo position of each item, date and time, item’s maker, etc.

So the next cool thing to do with the data is an alternative visualization, something like a Flash (or any other interactive technology). I imagine some city map of London and a slider to scroll back and forward in time having photos or little html fragments pop up at the geo position of the item if the slider gets near by the occurence of an item.

Anybody seen a prototyp of such a thing?

[2]: http://B4mad.Net/datenbrei/skos/Travel/rdf