The new Me – first use case

One of the first use cases for the new Me may be something like “a peers based cut and paste area for URL”.

The Problem

Sometimes I want to notify peers that I have read about something or found an interesting page that may interesst them. So I want to send the URL to my peer.

The Solution

I drag the URL straight out of my browser and drop it into some URL sink, the URL sink asks me whom to send the URL and sends it off.

The Program

Obviously there are two programs involved: 1. the URL sink (Service) and 2. the peer-URL notification (Client).

The URL sink will accept a URL (whoever this is prepresented in your local desktop framework (KDE, Gnome, MacOSX, …) and generates a RDF/XML description for that URL, including the dc:contributor data (which is data about myself as I am the person dropping the URL). The next step is that I will be presented a list of peers the recipient list is to be selected from. After that the URL sink sends/emits/publishes the RDF data to a pubslish/subscribe node which may be a node only for the peer I selected earlier or for a peer group or for…

[sequence diagram][2]

A maybe good sequence diagram explains what I am trying to say.