Look into the future.

[Where in the World is][1] a user is a very interessting service, but it is at a maximum an information source for the current position of a user, the average case is an information where the user was in the past. So there are two options:

  1. Norman has chosen the wrong name for the service and it must be named “Where in the World was”, or
  2. some enhancements must be introduced.

I have chosen the second option for now and would like to introduce “Where in the World”/goes/goern. This means I would like to see a webservice which will return information about where I will be in some amount of time. The interface should be something like .../witw/goes/goern?in=2 and the unit for in would be days.

Some XML as proposed by Norman is good and in addition to that a XSLT style sheet to output (RDF)iCal would be great.

[1]: http://norman.walsh.name/2005/02/witw/is/goern