WITW-updater via XMPP

Here is the next extension using Norman Walsh’s WITW service: I integrated it with the MeNow XMPP PubSub stuff I did earlier. Now there is a python command line tool to set the current location and a gateway between XMPP PubSub and WITW webservice. This gateway will subscribe to a given node and will update the WITW record of the user if new data is received via XMPP. I also put togeter an architectural overview diagram.

The source for the new releae is here (I love here-links).

Next Step: a Gnome based desktop applet that subscribes to the XMPP node and displays data received from it.

UPDATE: there are some things going on, lost boy hacked up some WITW to GoogleMap service [via: [Phil Wilson][7]].

[7]: http://philwilson.org/blog/2005/08/use-jabber-resources-to-update-your.html