My semantic life dump: mountainbiking, Part II

After having (nearly) finished #B4maps the first tool for my semantic life dump – which means documenting things I do in a semantic web manner – I surfed the web to get help for annotating and geotagging images on flickr.

The result of my investigation is a cool script for Safari and a Greasemonkey user script which integrates a google map right below any photo in flickr. Using this google map I may add geotags right to the photo displayed. For each tour I did I also add a tag like “phwn-2” to each photo which was taken on that tour. A little bit of prosa for each tour is done over at #B7erge, each post will have the same tag as the photos…

Next things to do:

  • get a rdf feed of flickr photos having a specific tag, incl. geo tags in this rdf feed
  • mash up this rdf feed with #B4maps


task number one is done. I have implemented a web service that delivers a RSS 1.0 feed of the photos taken, tagged and geotagged by me and a friend. try it! first access may take a while as local flickr caches get updated…

related images:

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