Expressing my preferred method of contact initiation

Giving a business card to a person just meat usualy means that some kind of contact is going to be established in the future, by mail or phone or whatever the person will choose. Putting a FOAF file on the web basically solves the same task: giving the opportunity to contact. But how? Send Email? Use ICQ or AIM ?!

Within the FOAF Vocabulary there is no way to give the contacting Person a list of methods that I (as the FOAF providing Person) would like him to use to contact me. To answer the question “What is the best way to contact goern?” we need some extensions to FOAF that are able to document what recommendation I give on how to contact me: preferred online accounts.

The first extension I would like to suggest is to extend foaf:OnlineAccount to represent Email Online Accounts. The new OnlineEmailAccount is a subclass of foaf:OnlineAccount and has a mbox and mbox_sha1sum property in addition to the inherited properties. This extension will introduce redundant data becuase mbox and mbox_sha1sum is defined for a foaf:Person. TODO: link this four properties to be semantically the same.

The second extension is a subclass of foaf:OnlineAccount and is called PreferredOnlineAccount. It has no additional properties and is only used to denote an online account of any kind (Chat or Email) as a preferred online account. Example usage may be found in an earlier posting on this topic.

As a first draf I have put together something I called FOAFX – FOAF Extensions this can also be found [on schemaweb][4]

I’ll be very happy to receive any feedback on the idea, extensions and draft.