Putting my Address Book online

This desciption and tools follow very closly what Norman Walsh described in his PIM Example posting.

First step was to put the right data in Apple‘s AddressBook, I added fields for my mother, father and partner and also a field for my birthday. The postal address is in my card anyway. Getting the data out of AddressBook.app wasn’t that easy, but I was able to base my work on some python script by Richard Newman, the result was [ab-new.py][5]

The command line ab-new.py -a -n http://b4mad.net/addressbook/people.rdf\# >people.rdf extracts all persons that are part of the FOAF AddressBook group and writes out foaf:Person objects. Redland’s rapper validates them.

Now on to some thinking… cwm http://b4mad.net/2005/12/18/iCalRules.n3 --rdf people.rdf --think will deduct some more relations between persons, given that Father, Partner or Mother relations are given in AddressBook iCallRules.n3 will add some more statements to the output.

This is it, now on to some daemon that act according to the data: birthday reminder!

[5]: http://b4mad.net/2005/12/18/ab-new.py.txt