Mix it all up… PubSub, Tagging, XMPP and SPARQL

This is one of the many ideas I try to write down – and sometimes I get myself a little time and implement an idea. Here we go:

What about an application that shows hiking or biking tracks on a map, with media annotation like photos/videos or sound per waypoint or per a region. The trancks themself may be edited online using a web application or a standalone client which reads in GPS data from some device. After the user finished editing the track a publish subscribe mechanism (xmpp?) is used to notify the aggregator that a new track is available for a user, maybe only available for the user’s client application or in a server centric storage – depends on user’s decision. If the user uses the standalone (local) client he may configure a access control system based on some web of trust or some friend of friend of friend relation.

If some foreign web user selects a track of a user to be shown it is either stored on the server or only available via the user’s local client (which may be offline hmm.) Note: I want to put in SPARQL/XMPP here!! Maybe only the access control system resists on the user’s local client and is queried by the server based web application, with a default of “access” or “no access”.

This needs work, just blogged to get it writen down…