seeAlso for SIOC hooked in page via RDFa

Providing links to SIOC data generated by a site may be done using a auto-discovery links. Embedding RDF in XHTML using the upcoming RDFa standard may be another way to link to SIOC data.

After a few discussions with CaptSolo and with some help from EliasT I have tweaked my WordPress to include the needed RDFa. Looking at the source of this page you will see something like:

<div class="primary" about="http://B4mad.Net/datenbrei/archives/2006/06/05/sioc-live-query/" role="sioc:Post">
 <span style="display:none">
  <link rel="rdfs:seeAlso" href="" about="http://B4mad.Net/datenbrei/archives/2006/06/05/sioc-live-query/">
  <meta property="dc:format">application/rdf+xml</meta>

To enabled correct parsing and XML Namespace assignment by a RDFa parser the <html> element must contain namespace declarations for rdf, rdfs, dc and sioc.

Using some RDFa extractor service on any page on B:\datenbrei will give you a RDF file containing a rdfs:seeAlso (of type application/rdf+xml) which points to the RDF generated by the WordPress SIOC plugin for the corresponding page.

Next step: write a short XSLT to enable GRDDLing the same rdfs:seeAlso out of the post’s page.