no loopback from sioc:User to foaf:Person

Having a sioc:Post it points to it’s creator described as a sioc:User. Assuming a foaf:Person, it should describe that the Person owns a foaf:OnlineAccount – which is the sioc:User.

Since the sioc:User profile is “user”-centric (and sioc:User rdfs:subClassOf foaf:OnlineAccount), there should be a property that allows us to links back from a sioc:User to a foaf:Person to whom it belongs to.

Introducing a foaf:OnlineAccount foaf:accountOf foaf:Person

<accountOf> a rdf:Property, owl:ObjectProperty;
:comment "Indicates an agent holds an account.";
:range <Agent>;
:domain <OnlineAccount>;
:isDefinedBy <<span class="attribute-value"></span>>;
owl:inverseOf <holdsAccount>;
:label "account of";

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