Why mail does not need to be in a RSS Aggregator

[Fred has a great article about an architecture][1] that basically says “let’s put all incoming mail in a RDF/RSS+Mail feed and bubble it up into the RSS Aggregator”… leaving the basis as is: RDF-driven backend, and substituting all “RSS reader related” parts by “XMPP/Jabber equivalents” wouldnt that be even better?

I dont think that the RSS Aggregator on the list of desktop killer-applications. It is one nice channel that delivers data to the use. It is polled, most of the time data ist older than 30min if it appears in the RSS Aggregator.

Next question: why enrich a simple mail and put some meta data arround it that are already present in the mail itself?

And what about the back channel? If mail drops into my RSS Aggregator, how to answer? Via mail? Open up another program on the desktop and copy/paste text that I want to quote and…. Having a mailer functionality as integrated part of the RSS Aggregator doesnt seem right too, as many people have a preference for the mail application.

But wait… what is good about the idea of representing mail meta data a RDF/XML (or n3 or…) and aggregate them? It is possible to store them in a database for later use, maybe for a context sensitive search or regrouping.

To have them available for mixing and integration with other data provided by other sources.

To form a homogenous view of the communication a user had in the past, regardless of the media/channel/application he used.

[1]: http://fgiasson.com/blog/index.php?title=next_step_with_web_feed_readers_from_pas&more=1&c=1&tb=1&pb=1