SPARQL CONSTRUCTing additional data

After a long discussion on #swig on how to design a inverse of foaf:holdsAccount (read more) I decided to practice some SPARQL on data marked up as discussed…

The decission made (by Captsolo and DanBri) consists of a few points:

  • there will be no foaf:accountOf as a owl:inverseOf a foaf:holdsAccount
  • generators of data are responsible to make it easy for consumers to process data
  • a rdf:property should be the inverse of a rdf:label

UPDATE: More information on RDF Design Pattern: Inverse Property Labels and [initial communication][4] that raised the issue.

The construct used looks like:

 owl:inverseOf  [
  rdfs:label "account of" 
 ] .

The owl:inverseOf of “holdsAccount” is rdfs:label’ed “account of”. Easy aint?