Thanks Google, you know my neighborhood

So what to do if you move to a new neighborhood and badly need a hair cut? As a semantic web guy I would start up my cool MacOS application and give the search box a “frisör in der nähe” (“barber shop nearby”). But that cool application: command not found… So the next best option is google

Using their maps I tried to locate myself which is pretty easy. Why I have to do that by myself? This information is actually [available online as a SPARQL result][2], Google could be aware of that…

Ok, next step: I need a Frisör (barber) nearby, just look for barber shops at Google Maps nearby the location I just found. Now I need to have a look at the screen just because Google is not aware of what “near by” means, for me it means “within walking distance” (approx. 1km).

3rd step: have a walk… will report back when I returned