Online Services account cleanup!

As time goes by online services rise and fall, at least my usage of them. So I have sat back and looked at the services I use and at which to delete my accounts (or try to delete my accounts).

  • – is good for sharing photos, but their time has come. Most important the censorship issues mark the point to flag flickr as “need to migrate away from it”. By now it is still in my accounts file
  • – good and thats it… keep it
  • – is aggregating other services and trying to give a timeline of my online footsteps. This is a good services from the point of “declarative living”, but: delete account, because:
  • noserub has been implemented at #B4mad.Net this is good, as I take back control of my data back from jaiku
  • is kind of the same thing, never really used it…
  • I will use twitter for this microblogging thingy…
  • all this SIP and VoIP accounts need to be deleted: mobile phones are not replacable
  • is kind of good as a location/presence services. I need to figure out how to do that with and noserub by myself!
  • or xing… what is the value add of this service?
  • [][8] and – upcoming supports venues and is more like “calendar sharing” google calendar is … do I really need this?

I will try to consolidate even more and provide one web view of all that and one xmpp infrastructure to deliver updates to interessted agents/persons.