being Red Hat

So, it has been a few months now, and the ones I meet in person surly know what I am doing, for the others: I have become a Software Engineer for Red Hat’s Reference Architecture Team. We do System Design and Engineering!

I am mostly committed to enhance the architecture underlying the Red Hat Services… ABRT may be visible to you in the Fedora community, automated bug reporting will be a great step forward in serviceability on RHEL7. Another topic I look into is entitlement management, esp. for docker containers, but also to get a consistent user experience across different other products. Docker inside RHEL7 is basically an outcome of a [collaboration started a little while ago][3]. And the RH way of using containers running RHEL is to have these containers entitled to use the latest and most up to date RHEL, therefor… to receive updates and get the level of support that a enterprise deserves we try to have each docker container subscribed/entitled as smooth as possible.

Stay tuned…