… been in Google land and found an Atom!

Hey all,

so… the past weeks I have been in Google land, specifically: working on Google Compute Engine (GCE).  As part of the containerization of IT I started using an Atomic Host on GCE. This was basically and exercise to learn some of the GCE tools. But the important part: it gives a reusable Atomic Host with endless compute power. I put together a basic example of a web server running as a container, orchestrated by kubernetes

In the upcoming weeks, I will use this type of set up to expolore

  1. multi instance networking with kubernetes and
  2. [troubleshooting containers][8], aka. sosreport and docker


[8]: http://b4mad.net/datenbrei/archives/2014/08/13/on-debugging-and-gathering-information-about-containers/