RHEL Vagrant base box plus additions!

These days I have a low bandwidth connection, so each bit I could save saves time! This is especially true for the Vagrant based stuff I do at the moment: I rebuild base boxes from time to time, and I install lots of additional software into that boxes. To save a few bits on the wire I would like to put more software into the Vagrant base box so that it must not be installed in during Vagrant provision phase. Using the vagrant-builder enables us to do that easily. If  you take a look [around line 214][2] of the Makefile, you will see that vagrant-builder installes all additional packages listed in the variable PACKAGES. PACKAGES could be configured on line 65 of the Makefile by simply putting something in like “sosreport telnet“. After that, just rebuild your Vagrant base box and save time!

[2]: https://github.com/purpleidea/vagrant-builder/blob/master/v7/Makefile#L214