You really should use Asciidoc errm Asciinurse!

While working on some OpenShift on Atomic Host for the past weeks I have produced some documentation. Within the Systems Engineering team (on twitter or Facebook) we have several alternatives to document our work: LibreOffice, the internal wiki, Asciidoc. I have chosen the latter: for ease of use and compatibility: the templates we use generate the same PDF output as libreoffice does!

But I am one of those ‘write a little and look at the design/layout’ guys, so I was tiered of processing Asciidoc over and over again. And as I am a container guy. What’s the natural solution?

Set up a service container that picks up my Asciidoc changes and transforms them to HTML5!

Let  me introduce to you: the [Asciinurse][7]!  She is exactly that service container running in to background delivering a continous transformation from Asciidoc to HTML5. Once her shift starts, she keeps on taking care.

For a more detained description please have a look at