preparing my Atomic App demo for Red Hat Summit

Beside the hands on lab I co-host with some colleagues – @collier_s @nhripps @erikonopen – I have prepared a short demo on #Atomicapp it gives a short context what we are solving and why, additionally there is one slide that explains what a #Nulecule is. 

From the presentation (and github):

  • Application description and context maintained within a single container through extensible metadata
  • Composable definition of complex applications through inheritance and composition of containers into a single, standards-based, portable description.
  • Simplified dependency management for the most complex applications through a directed graph to reflect relationships.
  • Container and orchestration engine agnostic, enabling the use of any container technology and/or orchestration technology

The second part of the demo is the famous [#WordPress Atomic App][3] referencing a pre-built #MySQL Atomic App. 

You will find it on the #RedHatSummit channel and/or the #projectatomic channel on YouTube later this month.