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FOAFX At A Glance

An a-z index of FOAFX terms, by class (categories or types) and by property.

Classes: OnlineEmailAccount | PreferredOnlineAccount

Properties: mbox | mbox_sha1sum

FOAFX cross-reference: Listing FOAFX Classes and Properties

FOAFX introduces the following classes and properties. To see the RDF/XML version follow this.

Class: foafx:OnlineEmailAccount

Online Email Account - An online account used for Email.
Status: unstable

A foafx:OnlineEmailAccount represents the provision of an Email service, by some party (indicated indirectly via a foaf:accountServiceHomepage) to some foaf:Agent.

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Property: foafx:mbox

personal mailbox - A personal mailbox, ie. an Internet mailbox associated with exactly one owner, the first owner of this mailbox. This is a 'static inverse functional property', in that there is (across time and change) at most one individual that ever has any particular value for foafx:mbox.
Status: unstable
OWL Type: An InverseFunctionalProperty (uniquely identifying property)
Domain: foafx:OnlineEmailAccount

The foafx:mbox property is a relationship between the owner of a mailbox and a mailbox. These are typically identified using the mailto: URI scheme (see RFC 2368).

Note that there are many mailboxes (eg. shared ones) which are not the foafx:mbox of anyone. Furthermore, a person can have multiple foafx:mbox properties.

Many people are wary of sharing information about their mailbox addresses in public. To address such concerns whilst continuing the FOAF convention of indirectly identifying people by referring to widely known properties, FOAFX also provides the foafx:mbox_sha1sum mechanism, which is a relationship between a person and the value you get from passing a mailbox URI to the SHA1 mathematical function.

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Property: foafx:mbox_sha1sum

sha1sum of a personal mailbox URI name - The sha1sum of the URI of an Internet mailbox associated with exactly one owner, the first owner of the mailbox.
Status: unstable
Domain: foafx:OnlineEmailAccount

A foafx:mbox_sha1sum of a foafx:OnlineEmailAccount is a textual representation of the result of applying the SHA1 mathematical functional to a 'mailto:' identifier (URI) for an Internet mailbox that they stand in a foafx:mbox relationship to.

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Class: foafx:PrefferedOnlineAccount

Preferred Online Account - An online which the users preferres over any other Online Account.
Status: unstable

A foafx:PreferredOnlineAccount is a foaf:OnlineAccount which is preferred over any other Online Account a foaf:Person holds.

For example, here is a description of a preferred Jabber account, specific to the server network:

  <foaf:name>Christoph Goern</foaf:name>
      <rdf:type rdf:resource=""/>
      <dc:description>This is my primary Jabber/XMPP account. Initial contacts 
      prefered via this account.</dc:description>
     <foaf:accountServiceHomepage rdf:resource="" />

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