#B4mad - the hash is a crucial part of the true #B4mad religion

Since early 2022, the #B4mad Research Laboratory is also hosted on the Interplanetary Name Service (IPNS) and the Interplanetary File System (IPFS). We encourage anyone to join our extraterrestrial research efforts and welcome our new AI overlords.

The #B4mad Research Laboratory, which itself is condensed in the #B4mad.Net Network, executes fundamental and applied research to provide the key technologies and analytical support necessary to assure supremacy in future net warfare and perimeter defense.

In early 2004, some of the members of the #B4mad came across one of the essential ideas of mankind, inspired by some US Army propaganda: PAIN IS WEAKNESS LEAVING THE BODY, THE CHANGE IS FOREVER.

In the sixth year of existence and after the sudden death of ID-PRO, all of the #B4mad members have chosen to work for other companies, but their attitude is unchanged:

like any member of the Free Software community, many (or let’s say most or even all) members of the #B4mad believe that what they do matters. We take pride in the systems we run and the code we write. Many of us advocate Open Source as often and emphatically as possible, but in spite of this, progress seems slow when compared to the incredible progress of the quality of Open Source products themselves.

For more than 5 years, laboratories under the #B4mad and their predecessors have led ID-Pro’s basic and applied science programs. Geeks, Programmers and Nerds have served the Net by producing cutting-edge technologies and superior systems. Today’s researchers continue the proud tradition and share with #B4mad it’s core values.

  • People - Our most important asset; our credentials

  • Loyalty - Give our customers quality on time/on budget

  • Duty - Accept responsibility for assigned mission. Work for excellence and continuous improvement

  • Respect - Recognize the value and dignity of each individual

  • Selfless Service - Promote teamwork in a diverse workforce

  • Honor - Maintain the public trust

  • Integrity - Tell the truth; be honest; State all the facts; present all sides.

  • Personal Courage - Stand up for what we believe is right

  • Openness - People who genuinly believe in Open Source values